List of 3D resource sites

Did I miss a site? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it!

Below are some sites that I have found, been pointed to, or otherwise crossed paths with that have quality assets, usually with a free option. Enjoy and share to anyone who could use a list like this!

Here is a list of texture sites that I will be maintaining and updating. Preference is given to sites with free options, as well as PBR ready materials, and of course pre-tiled textures. is run by the folks from Blender Guru, and is one of the newer sites. They have a commitment to PBR ready, tiled textures, shot by professionals. The best part is, all their materials have 1k free downloads. Their materials normally come with 1-2 Albedo (color) variations, a roughness map, reflection map, normal map, and occasionally a height map. They also have backdrops, ‘overlays’ (fingerprints, smudges and such), and a library of patterns and graphics.

Previously this is one of the most popular texture sites around. They have a 15-free-textures per day option that should cover most needs.

These materials are Blender specific but can be baked out for other uses, The goal is to eventually have a huge, free, realistic material library for all. Each is procedurally generated, meaning that they can be applied easily to any model. Worth checking back on as his collection grows!

Here is a list of model sites that I will be maintaining and updating. Preference is given to sites with free options.

TF3D stands for The Free 3D Models. I haven’t used this site much, but have need pointed to it by another CG artist user. They seem to have a large library of free 3D models available for your use.

BlendSwap has been the place to go for Blender assets for as long as I have been modeling. They have many free models and assets, created by users, with a variety of licensing options.

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