Process of Design for ‘Pizza Panic’

Hello! Here is the post-mortem for Pizza Panic a new collaborative game we made at Sheridan! I was part of a team with Codi Hotte and James Pratt.

Pizza Panic Title Screen
Pizza Panic Title Screen

Pizza Panic is an economy based game where you play as a chef fighting for the ingredients to make pizzas. You collect the ingredients by attacking the monsters on the map and carrying their dropped toppings back to your quaint pizzeria.

Design and Development
We went through many designs, I’m sad to say I had a bit of designer block (that’s gotta be a thing) but I still brought my best ideas forwards. We had everything from survival-tundra-apocalypse to Halloween Haunt. Eventually, after over a week of consideration and thought we came to Pizza Panic.
The idea was fairly refined, to begin with making it very easy to adapt to Unity.

Some notes from Pizza panic
Some notes from Pizza panic

Dynamic resource management happened covertly through the in-game combat, and players had to balance three separate ingredients; peperoni, dough, and cheese; to manufacture more pizzas than the other players.

Playtesting was mostly internal, just the developers getting a feel for how well our game played.

Codi and James working on Pizza Panic
Codi and James working on Pizza Panic

Next time around I hope we can get a solid game idea much earlier on, and maybe create some more complex and challenging systems to develop.

Our team worked well together, and created an awesome pizza game!

Sunlight streams through lobby doors.
Sunlight after a long night of work.

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