Designing Stacktus

Stacktus was made with a skilled team of game design students at Sheridan College, This includes Aaron Sutton, Jesse Baker, Johnlee Cooper, and myself, Matthew Murchison.

Smacktus: An alternate title we played with for a while.
An alternate title we played with for a while.

This week we set out to build a turn-based strategy game, with a quirky twist. Stacktus is an artillery game about tanks, cacti, and watermelons. You face off against your friends using cacti to deal damage and watermelons to knock them off walls.

My Contribution
This time around I got into the programming, working with the UI, and a bit of playtesting. I was responsible for connecting the fuel and power stats to the meters attached to the tanks, showing how much fuel was left each turn and how much power was being pumped into each shot.
To do this I converted the power/full into a percentage of the max power/fuel and used that to scale the bars in the UI. This is all pretty standard, so we took extra time to keep our coding conventions proper and in line with the C# guidelines.

For the UI I worked on keeping the meters stuck t the tanks, and making them work with the art that we were planning on having. To do this I looked to some conventions used in CSS for responsive web design, so everything would look nice with any art we added.

Critical Analysises
Our game was really well received by our class and by our team. People really liked the novelty of shooting cacti at your enemy and the prickly traits that come with it. Thay also liked the way we painted cacti and watermelons as opposing fruits.

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