Matt Murch: 3D Art logo on a soft orange gradient

Sense of space

Our first Blockout of the level.

Our second blockout focused on getting the ‘mall’ feeling’ and working out our metrics.

This phase of our blockout was a coordinated effort to begin introducing the technology we need for our final product. Here I have introduced Cinemachine and Timeline to bridge cut-scenes and gameplay. We also converted our old camera system to be a cinemahcine enhanced version.

Continuing our tech push, I integrated Unities HDRP package. This will give us much more advance graphics features. These include volumetric lighting, beer decals, shader graph support and many other items.

Our most recent version is back to pushing the lighting and feel of the space. We have decided to embrace a night time setting, so I have implemented a skybox to support that mood. One thing I found in the process is that moonlight is significantly more yellow/orange than sunlight by several hundred kelvin. So far the best solution seems to be colour grading for a more familiar nighttime look.


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