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Ubisoft NXT 2017 Showcase: Petra Monastery

Petra Bench (Ubisoft NXT 2017) by MattMurch on Sketchfab Trash Bin (Ubisoft NXT 2017) by MattMurch on Sketchfab Spectrum Analysis by MattMurch on Sketchfab Security Hut (Ubisoft NXT 2017) by MattMurch on Sketchfab Metallographic Microscope (Ubisoft NXT 2017) by MattMurch on Sketchfab

Ubisoft NXT 2017: Learn by doing.

This year we were at it again, myself and a few other Game Design students with no regard for sleep took on the annual NXT Showcase challenge from Ubisoft Toronto. This year’s theme was a story about a Russian science team investigating a 40-year-old soviet sub that crashed on top of the ancient desert city….

How to teach yourself web design

Web design is fun, thought provoking, and extremely applicable to pretty much any field. It allows you to represent yourself, your brand, or a client online. And Learning web design will fundamentally change how you browse the web! So, if you want to see the web like neo sees the matrix (maybe the change isn’t…

10 FREE resources for Game Design!

We all love making games, but it’s hard to pay for all the licenses you need for an engine, modeling software, textures, PBR materials?! It adds up quickly. With that in mind, here are my first choices when I need to do anything game related, and they’re all free! It’s worth noting, I have no…