My new job: Terraformers

A few months ago I took new job, as a 3D artist working for Sheridan College. I work with team Outcast on the Android game Terraformers. Terraformers is essentially a Tower-Defense meets RTS, on a spherical 3D planet! Hopefully I’ll have more updates form the project in the next few months. We plan to release…


Click here for the full portfolio experience:

Ubisoft NXT 2017 Showcase: Petra Monastery

Petra Bench (Ubisoft NXT 2017) by MattMurch on Sketchfab Trash Bin (Ubisoft NXT 2017) by MattMurch on Sketchfab Spectrum Analysis by MattMurch on Sketchfab Security Hut (Ubisoft NXT 2017) by MattMurch on Sketchfab Metallographic Microscope (Ubisoft NXT 2017) by MattMurch on Sketchfab

Ubisoft NXT 2017: Learn by doing.

This year we were at it again, myself and a few other Game Design students with no regard for sleep took on the annual NXT Showcase challenge from Ubisoft Toronto. This year’s theme was a story about a Russian science team investigating a 40-year-old soviet sub that crashed on top of the ancient desert city….

Designing Stacktus

Stacktus was made with a skilled team of game design students at Sheridan College, This includes Aaron Sutton, Jesse Baker, Johnlee Cooper, and myself, Matthew Murchison. Into This week we set out to build a turn-based strategy game, with a quirky twist. Stacktus is an artillery game about tanks, cacti, and watermelons. You face off…

List of 3D resource sites

Did I miss a site? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it! Below are some sites that I have found, been pointed to, or otherwise crossed paths with that have quality assets, usually with a free option. Enjoy and share to anyone who could use a list like this!…