Matt Murch: 3D Art logo on a soft orange gradient

SwapBox V1

Matt Murch: 3D Art logo on a soft orange gradient
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SwapBox’s environment mixes organic and mechanical to create an atmosphere of unease and mystery.

Buttons are your interface to the mechanical control of SwapBox’s environment.

The SwapGun is your key to the world of SwapBox. I chose it’s mix of materials to reflect the materials of the environment. It also has been designed to show the players progression through adaptive areas near the butt of the gun.

SwapBoxes are your targets, each one taking you to new places and giving you new powers.

Swapbox is the story of an Alien seed that has fallen to earth. You must explore the freshly iron ship to vermin if the extraterrestrial life if friendly or hostile. Using the SwapBoxes the player navigates puzzle rooms to explore the ship and activate systems, learning more and more as they initiate the starship.

SwapBox is currently being developed by a team of 3 students in the Sheridan College BA Game Design program. My responsibilities are all visual art. This involves creating Substances in Substance Designer, modelling every asset, UI, animation and texturing.


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