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  • Modbox: Pistol Duel Arena

    Modbox: Pistol Duel Arena

    The duel demands satisfaction No apologies, just action No seconds, no face to face In this sport, it’s always the time, and this is always the place Lots of pistols, and the town probably has a doctor on site Duel while the sun is in the sky (for a better audience experience) These barrels are…

  • Modbox: Drone Defense

    Modbox: Drone Defense

    Defend the ruined mining outpost from waves of drone attackers. This level has fantastic hiding holes, sniper positions, and enough unique paths to keep you on your toes. Plus a ruined space-industrial aesthetic with ship crashes, lunar pipelines, and vegetation labs. This is another level based on initial designs by Lee Vermeulen. I kept the…

  • Modbox: D-Day

    Modbox: D-Day

  • Modbox Western Canyon

    Modbox Western Canyon

    Stroll through an isolated canyon settlement, trapped and overcrowded by a nearby train track collapse you are free to inhabit the role of sheriff in this small backwater town.Designed with Modbox’s fantas

  • Corner Gas DND Map

    Corner Gas DND Map

    How I build up my DND maps with 3D to get a cinematic look, and keep playability metrics.Roles: Design, Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Post Processing

  • Chicken Coup

    Chicken Coup

    ChickenCoup Gameplay A low poly game built with a team of 4 over 2 weeks. We had two artists, I handled all concept art, the level design, racoon/enemy models and animation, and all environment art. We submitted Chicken Coup to HumbleBrag (hosted by Humble Bundle) in Toronto where it reportedly did very well with viewers!

  • NPC’s of the future! Some really cool stuff from our work at Alientrap games!

    NPC’s of the future! Some really cool stuff from our work at Alientrap games!

    About a month or two ago, my boss at Alientrap showed us some awsome footage form one of his projects in Modbox he used GPT-3 powered AI to make trul;y interactive NPCs. It’s super cool, and you cna see the full demo on his Youtube and Twitter here: This is a pretty cool demo, and even cooler, I built the background…

  • Stargate AMA LIVE!

    Stargate AMA LIVE!

    I’m doing a surprise live Stargate RPG AMA in a couple of minutes over  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYppChlbIvI Checkout Wyvern here https://wyverngaming.com/, and if you love tabletop RPGs or Stargate then you can pre-order here: https://stargatetherpg.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders Post AMA edit: The AMA was great, it was a bit last minute but very exciting, technical my first public Comic Con appearance, so…

  • Block outs for feeling

    Block outs for feeling

    It’s been 12 weeks since we started this semester, 8 weeks (approximately) of development towards our Alpha for Spirits. We got a block out early on, grey blocks that marked the space that would become our deserted mall. An early grey box of Spirits As an environment artist this was fun to make, but it…

  • Sense of space

    Sense of space

    Our first Blockout of the level. Our second blockout focused on getting the ‘mall’ feeling’ and working out our metrics. This phase of our blockout was a coordinated effort to begin introducing the technology we need for our final product. Here I have introduced Cinemachine and Timeline to bridge cut-scenes and gameplay. We also converted…

  • Tool highlight: Windows 10 Photos App

    Tool highlight: Windows 10 Photos App

    When trying to crop the concept render for the Void environment, I stumbled onto some new features for the windows image viewer. The viewer can haw add “3D” effects like muzzle flash and rain to an image, and saves it as an mp4. Here is an example made as a quick experiment to test the…

  • Starting Spirits: New team, new game, new art!

    Starting Spirits: New team, new game, new art!

    Who am I? I’m Matthew, the environment artist with Open Door Games. I make 3D art and most of the supporting assets for the team. What are we making? We’re making a game called ‘Spirits’ its essentially a combat demo where we want our player to experience telekinesis and other mental powers. Where I am…